Career in Fitness

A Career in Fitness

If you enjoy being healthy and keeping fit then why not consider a career in fitness. As the industry continues to grow there is increasing opportunities internationally to secure a rewarding career. There are several routes in to the industry with the most popular being;

As a Fitness Instructor – having successfully completed a Level 2 Fitness Instructor course will enable you to apply to work in a gym as a Fitness Instructor. You will be able to work on the gym floor; inducting new clients showing them how to use the equipment safely and effectively. You will work with all of the local community and all walks of life and be able to provide them with the ‘Know how’ to be able to come and use the facilities. This is a great way to meet new people and you will be a key part of the gym team working with clients to help them get the very best from the Fitness Club. Clients will be able to book 121 sessions with you to design a personalised program to support them with the needs and goals. You will be required to carry out lifestyle assessments and fitness testing to establish starting points and plan goals realistically and safely. This is a hugely rewarding role and most Fitness Instructors will complete the Fitness Clubs internal staff development program. Courses such as; Studio Cycling, Circuit/bootcamp, Legs Bum and Tums, Studio Class specific courses such as the Body Training Systems (BTS) etc…..

Another option is to skip gym and focus on the Studio Side of the Fitness Club and complete the Level 2 Exercise to Music qualification where you will complete the same Mandatory Units about the body and being healthy as the Fitness Instructor Course but then complete the practical units for the exercise to music elements giving you the skills to work in the Fitness clubs Studio and manage the class time table. You will be expected to deliver class based sessions for the Club and their clients. You will structure and lead sessions the course enables you to design your own sessions. Working for a Fitness Club will give you the opportunity to upskill in all the other classes on offer and complete classes so that you can then instruct those sessions. This route is ideal if you love performing and can inspire others to join classes and work hard. Another great job to meet people and really make a difference in their day and aspirations.

Personal Trainer – is what most people aspire to become as they join the industry. As a Personal Trainer you will need to have completed the Level 2 Fitness Instructor Course and ideally be a confident gym user. Working as a Fitness Instructor beforehand will definitely strengthen your skills and abilities to be a better Personal Trainer. As a Trainer you will continue to support the Fitness Club with fitness advice, guidance and more specialist programs similar to being a Fitness Instructor. However with your increased knowledge and skill base client will pay for hourly sessions with you. These sessions will be hugely varied and personalised to the client. You will be expected to be an expert in this field which is why it is best to get experience prior to the course. As a Personal Trainer you will have the skill set to design training programs, nutritional strategies and guidance and lifestyle remaps. A very exciting and rewarding career that will see you working with all levels of fitness ability from all walks of life. Trainer can work for themselves and be paid separate from the gym with most trainers running sessions for their clients at home or local parks. The key difference between a personal trainer and a fitness instructor is that experience and skill set. Being able to plan and develop fitness strategies to challenge and achieve results in specific timeframes with a more personalise approach.

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