Fitness Instructor Assessment Day

Preparing for your Fitness Instructor Assessment Day


As part of our Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing Gym course you will need to attend an assessment day, this will take place after the training day. The assessment day will include two theory-multiple choice answer exams and a practical observation.


Assessment Day

The assessment day is the very last part of the course; you attend this day once you have completed all of the online content and attended a training day. The Assessment day usually takes place in the same gym you attended for your training day unless you have booked a different location – you can contact your tutor to arrange this. We use David Lloyd Gyms in Cambridge, Ipswich, Nottingham, Finchley, Oxford, Birmingham, Basildon and iTrain Gym in Manchester. We choose to use the David Lloyd and iTrain Gyms to give the learner the opportunity to see first-hand exactly what it is like in a fast paced, busy and popular gym, with Level 2 Fitness Instructors in action.

To become a Level 2 Fitness Instructor you will need to take two theory multiple choice answer exams, one on Anatomy and Physiology which includes Cardiorespiratory, Muscular, Energy and Nervous Systems and Skeletal.  The second exam is Principles of Exercise, Fitness and Health which includes Principles of training, Cardiovascular fitness, Muscular strength and endurance, Flexibility, Motor fitness and Special populations. Each exam is allocated 60 minutes in which to complete. You will have 40 questions and are required to answer 28 questions correct out of the 40, which is 70% to achieve a pass on both exams.

For the Level 2 Fitness Instructor course you also need to take your practical observation, this is you in the role of a Fitness Instructor giving a client a full body workout. This may take place before or after the theory exams. The exact times will be allocated to you by the instructor during the training day. If you have an earlier or later preference for your practical observation you will need to let the instructor know in the morning of the training day and they will do their best to accommodate. Practical assessments are allocated 1 hour. You need to bring someone with you to the fitness instructor assessment to be your client for your observation.


After the training day and prior to the assessment day we recommend you spend as much time in a gym as you can with your client preparing for your practical observation.


Tips for the Fitness Instructor theory exams;

  • Make sure you have covered all of the ‘Level 2 Mandatory Units’ on the portal
  • Have a go at both mock papers – you can get these from the website or by emailing your online tutor
  • Bring a pen – black or blue
  • Take your time, if you are unsure leave the questions until the end and go back to it. It is best to have ago even if you are unsure as leaving it blank will be an automatic refer for that question
  • Once you have finished each theory exam, go back through and check you are happy with the selected answers

Theory exams results take 2-3 weeks and will be emailed to you by your online tutor.


Tips for the practical observation;

  • Make sure your Gym Learner Assessment is completed in full before the fitness instructor assessment day, except for the evaluation form as you will have time to complete this after your observation and before your feedback.
  • Dress appropriately, be a role model to the client.
  • Talk clearly – if the client can’t hear you the assessor probably can’t hear you either.
  • Ensure your workout gives a full body approach.

You will receive your result from the practical observation by the assessor during the fitness instructor assessment day.


Good luck!

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