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Steps to your career in the Fitness Industry.

Your new job is closer than you think. The fitness Industry encompasses a whole range of opportunities for absolutely everyone. Still one of the few growth sectors the Industry has developed significantly over the last few years. With specific focus on the older adult and children. Getting the nation active and being healthy is a government priority – and now there are some many exciting ways to do that.

Most people who pursue careers in the Fitness Industry want to progress into Personal Training. Training clients in a variety of disciplines in all environments and having the skills to bring life into anyone’s fitness regime.  Just be mindful it is best to walk before you can run and heading straight out to be a Personal Trainer comes with its barriers and clients expect more and more from a Personal Trainer than ever before. Rushing out with limited skills and experience could perhaps prevent any opportunity of building a successful brand and business.

The YMCA Level 2 Fitness Instructor course is a great way to enter the Industry and this will provide you with a solid base for any progression route whether it’s into the studio, Management or Personal Training. The Fitness Instructor course is designed to equip you with the ‘know how’ and the skills and abilities to be successful. Learning about how the body works and what needs to be done to build a healthier lifestyle will bring the avenue to really helping those who need your expertise and enthusiasm to get fit and stay healthy. Exploring the equipment in the gym and how to use it best to support clients with their own personal progression, developing personalised programs and working with other gym instructors to aid your own learning.

All the Learning materials are presented by the Fitness Industry’s Leading Awarding Body YMCA AWARDS on an interactive state of the art online learning platform. You can access the learning portal at any time anywhere as long as you have internet access. Having all your resources in one place means you can complete the subjects at your own pace and revisit topics that you struggle with whenever you want. You will have an online Tutor who is there to help you throughout the course and once you feel ready you simply book onto a training weekend where you’ll work with one of our trainers and other gym instructors on the course in one of our training venues practising and developing the gym based skills that you will need to be successful within the Fitness Industry. Then the next step your assessment day, Theory exam and then a practical observation.

When looking for a job – visit all the gyms near you and get a feel for each one. Select the a few that you feel comfortable in and believe in their ethos. Speak with the Trainers there and ask how they’re getting on and for the ones that you really like pop in and see the managers. Dropping in your CV and meeting your new boss could potentially score you a job very quickly. Equally having done your ground work would be up to speed with the gym floor, and what other aspects the gym club can offer you.  Have some questions prepped; what are the shifts like, are there courses offered by the club to help you progress, is there scope to bring new ideas into the club. Just remember to be yourself and be confident.

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