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Check this Workout from one of our Advanced Military Specialist Trainers – these guys work our hard!!

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5 to 10 mins spend mobilising:



Mid back 

Low back 

Hip flexors and hip rotation 


Hamstrings – full range 

Calves both gastric + soleus 

Ankle mobility 



1. Back squats 


Build up to a heavy 5 then perform Every 90 secs, 5 reps for 5 sets

( we are looking for full range of movement in the squat, range and movement over weight and load, we must try to break parallel so hip crease below knees, torso and chest kept high, head neutral, knees out ) 


2. 3 x 

12 glute bridges ( contract at top movement for 1/2 secs ) 

45secs rest 


3. 10 – 1 

Strict pull ups 

Press ups 

Hollow rocks


( strict pull ups need to be done strict, as soon as you feel momentum, stop, shake off, and re attempt, it’s not for time it’s for strictness of movement. 

Press ups chest to floor, full ext at the top of movement, contract the core) 

( the hollow rock is strictness within the core and the movement must be tight and held through out. Feet and scapular of the floor, head through the centre with arms held out tight. This movement is full body and transferable weight through the to foot and head and back again means the body must stabilise and hold constantly) 



4. 2000m row 

( our target for this is 2:00 min strokes or under per 5 mins, this can be found on the units on screen when rowing. 

With the rower try to create the same output for each repetition, this will be a tough test for you cardio and mentally but stay with it, control your breathing, 1 sec pull, 2 sec release) 


5. Active Stretch: 3 x 10 sec stretch 5 sec release




Low back 

Mid back 




 Good luck!!