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How does it work?

You may be wondering “how exactly does this work?”, and we don’t blame you. Our competitors don’t seem all that forthcoming with the ‘how, when & why’ of the course outline, which we think is very weird indeed!

To help keep things simple, we’ve formulated a 6 step process to getting Gym Instructor qualified.

Book and pay for your course online. You can choose dates for the face to face Training and Assessment days at this stage but your online Tutor will discuss these in further detail with you when you are ready.

We’ll go right ahead and register you with the Awarding Body (YMCA Awards) for the qualification and request your secure login details to access the online learning platform to complete your studies. These can take up to 5 working days to arrive.

You will also receive an email introduction from your dedicated online Tutor, please check your junk mail just in case it ends up there.

Once you’ve received your login details you can access the online learning platform and begin your studies immediately; anywhere, any-time. You’ll have 215 days to complete all the online modules, but can work through them as quickly or steadily as you’d like within that parameter. Your Tutor will ensure that you are booked onto your Training Day when you feel ready. It is recommended that you have completed all the online units prior to attending the training day. ou will also need to download and complete two worksheets and bring these to your Training Day:
  • Health, Safety and Welfare in a Fitness Environment

Know How to Support Clients Who Take Part in Exercise and Physical Activity’ to ‘You will also need to download the Gym LAR and bring this to your training day and complete the two workbooks online:

  • Health, Safety and Welfare in a Fitness Environment
  • Know How to Support Clients Who Take Part in Exercise and Physical Activity’

Attend and complete your Training Day at one of our venues. You will be with one of our fully qualified Teachers who will support you to develop the skills needed to work in a Gym as a Fitness Instructor. They will cover equipment usage and all the technical demonstrations of safe and effective exercises. You will have the opportunity to train clients and practise safely for your Assessment.

This is also an opportunity to meet face to face with our team and discuss any issues or concerns with your studies.

Once you are ready you will book your Assessment day. This will involve taking two theory papers;

  • Anatomy and Physiology for Exercise
  • Principles of Exercise Fitness and Health

You will also complete your practical gym assessment delivering a gym programme session to a client (a suitable healthy person that you must bring with you on the day). You will be told on the day if you have passed your practical assessment. Your theory results will follow – usually two/three weeks later.

Your Certificate should arrive within six weeks and you are ready to start your new career right away!



Accredited training from the fitness industry’s leading Awarding Body YMCA Awards with international recognition


All YMCA qualifications are endorsed by the Register of Exercise Professionals and CIMSPA


Accessible training at any time anywhere. Media rich online award winning learning portal designed by the Awarding Body YMCA


The very best qualification available at the most affordable price. No need for any big loans or finance. Just quality training at the best price!

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Face to face – national training and assessment centres

Flexible accessible and award winning study

Internationally recognised qualification – from YMCA Awards

The best qualification at the most affordable price – saving over £551

Pay per unit study model – making it more affordable

Who are Gym Instructor Online?

Gym Instructor Online is a ‘Not for Profit’ Training Provider delivering the very best Fitness Qualifications at the most affordable price. All qualifications are designed by the Fitness Industry leading Awarding Body YMCA Awards and fully endorsed by the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS). We are essentially a small family run Training Provider with a team of Fitness Industry experts who will prepare you with all the skills required to be successful within the Industry. The Online Learning Portal from YMCA Awards provides you with a personalised delivery model which you can access at any time and study at your own pace. With an online tutor and face to face training and support at only £299 simply click on the Start Your Course Today button and get qualified!

If you have a passion for health and fitness and want to start a career in one of the most exciting, rewarding industries then the Level 2 Gym Instructor course is for you. The role as a gym instructor is a hugely challenging and rewarding job with opportunities around the globe to work with a range of clients who want to achieve their goals. Health clubs, fitness centres and gyms all require skilled professionals to support and motivate their members with professional, current and effective advice to get active, improve fitness and stay healthy.

As Level 2 Gym Instructor every day is a different day; from welcoming members, managing gym inductions, producing a whole variety of programmes and fitness initiatives to ensuring everyone is exercising effectively and most importantly safely. If you enjoy working with others and have the energy and motivation to really make a difference then getting qualified as a Level 2 Gym Instructor could be the start to the new career that you are looking for.

The Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing Gym course from YMCA Awards (formerly CYQ) the Industry’s leading most recognised Level 2 Gym Instructor course available. The qualification is designed to meet the very highest standards required to work in any of the UK’s leading health and fitness centres. You can be confident that you are studying the very best qualification available at the most affordable price. The Level 2 Gym Instructor course is considered the best point of entry into the Industry, qualifying learners to be able to work in a gym. Most learners then continue with their studies to become a Level 3 Personal Trainer or pursue a studio class based career. The Level 2 Gym Instructor course makes up the first part of the Level 3 Personal Trainer qualification and provides a progression route to a whole suite of fitness qualifications across the industry.

This blended/ online Level 2 Gym Instructor course will provide you with all the necessary up-to-date skills needed to become a Fitness Instructor from the leading Awarding Body. You can choose to attend any of our Fitness Instructor training venues for your practical and assessment days.

The qualification is recognised worldwide and will enable you to work as a Gym Instructor with any leading fitness provider. You have 215 days (7 months approx.) to complete the course from when you receive your login details – these can take up to 5 working days to come through. One of the Training Team will be in touch with you once you have enrolled and introduce you to your course Tutor who will be there to support you through your studies. Contact one of the team

The Level 2 Gym Instructor course has been designed using the Awarding Body’s Online Learning Portal to support you in your studies anywhere and at any time. So you can be confident that you are using the best media rich and interactive Online Learning delivery system to prepare you for your practical training.

You will be supported by one of our Online Tutors via email and over the phone. You will also be required to attend a face to face gym practical training day at one of our Training and Assessment Centres where you will work with our Training Team to cover all the practical hands on skills needed to give you the edge in the Industry and support you to successfully pass your assessment and qualify as a Level 2 Gym Instructor. Once you are ready for your assessment you can book onto an Assessment day to complete the course. Your Tutor will support you through this process. Contact us or call now! 01223 909 019.

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Q: What type of course is the Gym Instructor Online course?
A: This is part time home study course, where you will complete most of your studies from home/work in your own time. There are two separate dates you need to attend face to face with an instructor. These dates are advertised on the course content page.

Q: Who are the qualifications accredited with?
A: All qualifications are accredited by YMCA AWARDS and Registered on the Register of Exercise Professionals (REP’s).

Q: Can I work abroad with your qualifications?
A: YMCA Awards has worldwide recognition in most major Leisure Facilities.

Q: Is there any entry requirements?
A: No, we just recommend that you have a keen and active interest in the Sports/Fitness Industry and a good level of Fitness to participate in physical activity required to pass your practical training.

Q:How long will it take me to complete the course?
A: On average it takes learners 2-3 months to complete the course, however this is dependent on how much time you dedicate to the course and which dates you chose to attend.

Q: How do I enrol onto the course?
A: To enrol onto our Gym Instructor Online course, you just need to head to the ‘Get Qualified‘ page, then complete the booking form and payment pages.

Q: What are my options with regards to payment?
A: Once you have completed the booking form for the course online and agreed to the terms and conditions you will then be taken to our secure payment page where any credit/debit/electron and master cards can be used for making payment.

Q: Can I pay over the telephone or online?
A: To ensure your security there is no telephone payment facility all payments must be made on line using the secure online payment facility, which at the moment is PayPal.

Q: How much is the course?
A: £299.00

Q: What is included within the course cost?
A: The course fee includes; enrolment onto the course through the Awarding body, online unit access to the Awarding Bodies interactive learning portal for 215 days, online tutor support, training day, assessment day including all three assessments and full certification.

Q: Are there any additional fees?
A: The only additional fee is if you refer on any of the assessments, cancel/don’t turn up to any training or assessment day without giving notice. You can also purchase additional resources e.g. manuals.

Q: When will I gain access to the course content?
A: Once enrolled onto the course it can take 2-5 working days to receive your login details to access the online portal, where you will study both course units.

Q: Will there be both theory and practical in the course?
A: Yes each course will have both a theory and practical element.

Q: Is there any assessments?
A: Yes, several worksheets, two theory exams and one practical assessment.

Q: What can I expect from the instructors on the course?
A: Up to date current Industry expertise from real Trainers with successful back grounds in the Fitness Industry.

Q: How much support from the GIO team do I get?
A: GIO is open for all enquiries Monday to Friday 9:30 – 17:00, you will also have an online tutor to support you throughout the duration of time you are on course and they will have set tuition times where you can contact them for help.

Q: How long do I have to complete the course?
A: You must attend your training and assessment within the 215 days of access to the online portal.

Q: What are the minimum system requirements for the resources on the Gym Instructor Online course?
A: To gain access to the online YMCA Awards portal, learners will need a PC running Windows XP or later, or Mac OSX with at least 512MB RAM or anything from the past three years should be fine. You will need your screen/monitor resolution set to 1024×768 or greater.

You will also need the latest Adobe Flash player/plug-in. Beware that you may need “administration rights” to install or enable this, especially if this is a public, shared or work PC.

Some learners with apple mobile devices may wish to try download an App called “Photon”, a flash enabled ‘browser’ which may enable them access to the online portal as well.

Q: Which browsers does the online YMCA Awards portal support?
A: Internet Explorer version 7 or later. People have had success using Google Chrome, Safari or Mozilla Firefox but we can only guarantee the experience with Internet Explorer.

Q: How do I book my training and assessment day?
A: When enrolling onto the course you will be able to see what training and assessment days are available, you should then pick which dates you would like to attend and on completion of enrolment let your online tutor know. They will then book your place and send you an email confirmation.

Q: When do the training and assessment days run?
A: Weekends.

Q:What time does the training and assessment days start and end?
A: 10am until 5pm, *times subject to change.

Q: How do I get to the venue?
A: It is down to the candidate to plan routes and accommodation if required. All venues have good Public Transport access; addresses are available on the ‘Venue’ page.

Q: Do you offer accommodation?
A: No

Q: Is travel included in the price?
A: No

Q: What do I need to bring on the training day?
A: You will need to bring comfortable gym clothing, refreshments, pens, paper and both learner assessment records YMCA Awards (LARs).

Q: What do we do on the training day?
A: During the training day you will go through all the course assessed elements for both units. The training day will mainly be focused on the practical unit, and you will work with other learners like yourself within a gym environment. You will be asked to demonstrate and instruct other learners onto the equipment and to take them through small workouts. The trainer will continually assess you on the day and provide feedback on your performance.

Q: What do I need to bring with me on the assessment day?
A: On the assessment day you will need to bring a client to use for your practical assessment, your practical learner assessment record, pen, paper, photo ID and refreshments.

Q: What does the assessment day entail?
A: During the assessment day you will sit two 1 hour theory exams, and your practical assessment which will last 1hr 15.

Q: What should I do if I am unable to attend my training or assessment day?
A: Please let your online tutor know immediately via email. You must give at least 7 days’ notice of cancellation to avoid any charges. You may change your planned days subject to availability and notice period.

Q: Are both theory exams multiple choices?
A: Yes

Q: How long do I get to sit both exams?
A: 1 hour per exam

Q: When do I find out if I have passed or referred?
A: For both theory exam results, these can take 3 weeks to arrive so you will get a call once they have been received. For your practical assessment a result will be given on the day.

Q: What happens when I pass?
A: You will be told by your tutor and will receive certification from the awarding body. This may take several weeks.

Q: What happens if I fail?
A: You will be given support and guidance by your assessor and offered the opportunity for a re assessment.

Q: If I pass one unit of the course and not the other is there a time scale in which I need to complete the other unit?
A: As soon as possible while it still remains fresh in your mind. Qualifications should be completed within the 215 days.

Q: When do I receive my certificate?
A: It can take 3 – 6 weeks to receive your certificate in the post.

Q: What can I do with my qualification?
A: On completion of the course you can apply to work within any gym, or progress onto a level three course.

Q: Do you offer support with gaining jobs within the fitness industry?
A: Yes, please contact a member of the team.

Q: Do the qualifications expire?
A: No – however candidates will need to do yearly CPD throughout their careers to remain registered on the Register of Exercise Professionals (REP’s).