Unit 2 Level 3 Applying the Principles of Nutrition to a Physical Activity Programme


This Unit covers the Level 3 Principles of Nutrition knowledge needed by a Personal Trainer to support them in the application of the principles of nutrition to support client goals as part of an exercise and physical activity programme. This is the second Unit that needs to be completed as part of the YMCA Certificate in Personal Training qualification. Once completed you can then study; Level 3 Programming and Delivering Personal Training with Clients.


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  1. Understand the principles of nutrition
  2. Understand key guidelines in relation to nutrition
  3. Understand nationally recommended practice in relation to providing nutritional advice
  4. Understand the relationship between nutrition and physical activity
  5. Understand how to collect information relating to nutrition
  6. Understand how to use nutritional information
  7. Understand the principles of nutritional goal setting with clients
  8. Be able to collect and analyse nutritional information
  9. Be able to apply the principles of nutrition to a physical activity programme


The Course has been designed using the Awarding Body’s Online Learning Portal to support you in your studies anywhere and at any time. So you can be confident that you are using the best media rich and interactive Online Learning delivery system. You will have 215 days (7 months) to complete the course from when you receive your login details – these can take up to 5 working days to come through. One of the Training Team will be in touch with you once you have enrolled and introduce you to your course Tutor who will be there to support you through your studies. 

You will be supported by one of our Online Tutors via email and over the phone. You will also be required to attend face to face assessment day at one of our training and assessment centres nationally where you will complete your assessment. Once you are ready for your assessment you can book onto an Assessment day to complete the course. Your Tutor will support you through this process. Contact us or call now! 01223909019


Element 1; externally set multiple choice theory paper

You can book onto any of our assessment days at any of our venues nationally. This will be booked once you are ready through your Tutor.

60 minutes to complete the assessment answering 40 questions

Pass mark is (70%) 28 correct questions

Element 2; knowledge questions and case study

Externally set knowledge questions listed in your Learning and Assessment Record (LAR) need to be completed fully. Guidance for completion is contained in your LAR and from your Tutor.

The case study paperwork is also in your Learning and Assessment Record (LAR). The case study should be carried out on an apparently healthy adult who does not require nutritional intervention from a doctor/ dietician or nutritionist eg, diabetic, Crohn’s disease, eating disorder.

This will be marked by an assessor using YMCA Awards assessment criteria.