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The Role of a Personal Trainer

The Role of a Personal Trainer

Level 3 Personal Trainer


Once qualified as a level 3 personal trainer you will need to assess your client’s current level of fitness and ensure that they are safe to train. An initial consultation will provide a platform for you to identify clear goals and educate your client on what can be achieved. This is an essential part of being a personal trainer and you will need to use your skills to really pick out the areas for development and then structure a suitable, purposeful and achievable set of programmes to get your client there.

Being able to inspire, guide and motivate your clients to success is essential as a personal trainer. Simply handing over an exercise plan and letting our client crack on is not going to help them realistically achieve their goals. You have to remember your clients represent your business so if they do well and achieve great results they will shout about it. Equally if they have a terrible experience and fail to reach their goals everyone will know about it too and could quite significantly damage your business.

An established well practised personal trainer will be able to drive their client past all expectations within their sessions. Your whole purpose is to push your client as hard as possible in a safe working environment. Working at 150% for 60 minutes has significant benefits over spending their time and money at 40%.

Being able to separate their goals into smaller goals and celebrate their success as you work through their programme is again essential for any good personal trainer.

Personality and communication skills are vital in being successful. Clients need a gym buddy and sometimes you may find your client wants to tell you their life stories and some are too embarrassed or intimidated to even communicate with you. Being able to put people at ease, welcoming them to this new environment and build a professional training relationship is key. I have seen some amazing trainers who achieve incredible results through being inspirational communicators. Clients are coming to you for something different, for an experience – not for you to hold their towel or press the buttons on the treadmill. Inspirational ‘out there’ personal trainers are the successful ones – the ones all the clients want sessions with.

In todays electronic world collecting and analysing your clients’ performance data has never been easier. This too is essential in clearly identifying areas of success and continued areas for development. Being able to share that data with your client and celebrate achievement is a natural requirement for all good trainers. Progress has to be planned and tracked to ensure timely achievement of goals.


Educating and providing tools for your client to adapt their lifestyle to complement their training is a gift for all good personal trainers. You will need to keep up to date with new research, new training regimes and changes across the industry to remain current.


Most importantly remember first impression mean more than anything so ensure you look and act the part. You are personally selling your business every day so your appearance and conduct represents your brand.


Stay fit, if your client has to wait for you to catch up when out training then they’ll be charging you for the session.


The best advice is enjoy every day, every session should be different and never fail to inspire your client even if its only for the 60mins – make them feel that they matter that their goals are important for them to reach for both of you. This is the most rewarding life changing career.


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