YMCA External Verification Inspection

External Quality Assurance Visit


Fitness providers are registered with an Awarding Body Organisation. Gym Instructor Online LTD is registered with YMCA Awards.

An Awarding Body is an examination board who oversee the design and criteria for a range of different qualifications including awards, certificates and diplomas. YMCA Awards have been an awarding body since 1998, when this first started they were called Central YMCA Qualifications and later changed to YMCA Awards in 2015. With the great resources and learning materials available we decided to go apply with YMCA Awards as our Awarding Body and upon successful application we were approved to deliver their courses.

YMCA Awards arrange an annual External Quality Assurance visit to each fitness provider to ensure quality and standard across each qualification the fitness provider delivers. An EQA visit will last for the full day sometimes two and can include a variety of observations including theory and practical assessments,  learners Learner Assessment Records sampled at random, tracking, a review of company policies and procedure and standardisation to name a few.

All learners studying the Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing Gym and Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training course work is retained by Gym Instructor Online for a year upon completion, this is to ensure it is available for the EQA upon request.

Alongside the EQA, we also have an IQA (Internal Quality Assurer) this person/s will work for Gym Instructor Online and sample random learners paperwork and observe practical training and assessments days at any time, this is to ensure good practise. The EQA on their visit to us will also look through work Internally Verified to ensure quality of teaching and marking.

Having had our most recent EQA inspection in April we are very pleased to have been informed we received another year with a risk status LOW Risk with no actions. Low Risk being the best score and High risk being in adequate.  We are very proud to maintain our Low Risk status again as this shows recognition and reinforces the hard work and commitment we put in to our courses and learners.

To receive an overall Low Risk you must receive a Low in all sections inspected by the EQA.

The overall summary of Risk Assessment Rating includes Management Systems Level, Tutor/Assessor/IQA Competence, IQA Practice, Assessment Practice and Physical Resources and to receive a Low Risk for all is excellent.

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